Course History

Early History (from the Victorian Golf Association)


9 holes sand scrape greens on Arthur Blanche’s property. Play ceased later in the 1950’s.


The club reactivated on its original site in a 9 hole format.


Bud Russell redesigned the course and added an extra 9 holes.

Early 2000’s

The par-3 first hole was lost to residential development and the former 2nd hole became the new 1st. A new par 4 was added to the south-west area of the course on the front 9.


A new clubhouse was constructed on the west side of Ibbotson Street, to replace the existing building in Blanche Street.

As residential development extends through the eastern end of the course, and removes further golf course land (close to the township), future holes are planned on the west side of Ibbotson Street (and have already been mapped out).

This change of clubhouse location also necessitated a re-numbering of the holes on the course, essentially reversing the front and back 9 (the 10th tee has never been located near the clubhouse as occurs at many clubs).


The existing 9th and 10th holes have been retired as the residential development expands. Two brand new holes have opened on the west side of Ibbotson Street (new 17th and 18th holes).